The Masquerade instrumental     The Masquerade

Lil Baby X Gunna Creepy Hardcore Sampled

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Lil Baby X Gunna - The Masquerade Instrumental (Creepy, Hardcore, Sampled, Trap Beat)

Listen to one of the best Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beats out there. Lil Baby or even Gunna would kill this really creepy and hardcore Trap Instrumental. Get back at me before it's gone!

About this Lil Baby X Gunna Type Beat

Gunna is the hype in person, not to mention to Lil Baby, which is both hype and lyrics three cubed. They both can make the whole Trap scene shake as we've seen when they released their collaboration track Drip Too Hard. It was exclusively in the WorldStarHipHop YouTube Channel as a single. It's a fire beat / instrumental, but the lyrics are in another front. You can get the biggest Chanel bag in the store if you want it. I gave 'em the drop, they sucked it up. Two minutes and a half and that was more than enough to get that Drip Too Hard track in repeat, c r a z y. Anyway I think that we should talk about mumble rap / mumble trap... Since it's a nowadays phenomenon and it has a lot of followers behind (including me).

Mumble rap (or Mumble Trap) is kinda weird, and althought its origins come from the early 2010s it became a huge trend straight at SoundCloud back in 2016 / 2017, when all the (I hate the term) SoundCloud rappers started getting known and trending. If you're not familiar with the slang used in the Trap Music scene then I'm sure that you'll get in problems to understand the whole lyrics, even more if english is not your main language (mine is Spanish). I'm not sure when it all began, but the trend was set in 2011 with the Tony Montana's track from Future followed by Versace from Migos, Meek Mill and a lot of names that we all already know. There's even a funny video of Snoop Dogg with 50 Cent talking about Mumble Rap, you can watch it here if you want... Anyway we here not to diss anybody's music or way of think so we ok and respect everyone reactions and opinions.

But... Briefly, if you like Gunna Type Beats or Lil Baby Type Beats then, as you may listen, you are in the right place. It's hardcore, it's creepy and it's a Trap Beat Instrumental that will make you able to release one of your best tracks out there. If you don't believe me just try to spit over. What do you think about mumble rap? It's a thing? It's a bluff? Throw us a comment below and don't forget to grab the free download!

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Creepy Hardcore Sampled Trap

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