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Lil Pump Dark Filthy Gangsta

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Lil Pump - Gnosis Instrumental (Dark, Filthy, Gangsta, Trap Beat)

If we talk about Lil Pump we talking about Gazzy. Pump is one of the originators of the new Trap wave, go ahead and download this Lil Pump trap beat now!

About this Lil Pump Type Beat

Lil Pump is considered the son of the whole generation which birthed the new Trap generation or the new wave. Influenced by Latin Trap or Trap Latino, a lot of street respect, a lot of buzz and a lot of metrics and measurements in the letters he write off. He put a lot of salt in the wound, cards, drugs and underground style. Lil Pump is style, fashion, music and a Trap music money machine.

Gazzy Garcia's the real name of the raggedy trap Lil Pump rapper. From a Cuban father and a Mexican mother, he was born in 2000 in sunny Miami. This artist has been in music since he was 13 years old, since his cousin Smokerpurpp introduced him to rap. With a conflicting personality, he was expelled from every school he attended. Lil Pump is a provocateur.

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Dark Filthy Gangsta Trap

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