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Lil Pump Bouncy Filthy Hardcore

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Lil Pump - Pumpi Instrumental (Bouncy, Filthy, Hardcore, Trap Beat)

Do you like the beats that Lil Pump used in their albums and mixtapes? Listen and download to this Lil Pump Trap Type Beat by cliking here.

About this Lil Pump Type Beat

It's all about how it sounds, and this beat sounds like Lil Pump. I mean, that's why is titled as Pumpi, because it's 100% a Lil Pump Type Beat. The SoundCloud rapper (I hate this term) Lil Pump have been using different type of beats for his albums and mixtapes, but if we have to talk just about the beats then we have to say that they all are DOPE. All the beats have that Bouncy / Hardcore mood that makes you bump your head in and out as soon as it starts sounding. A great example of what I'm talking about could be Lil Pump's "Butterfly Doors". The kick hits you even harder than the 808s, crazy.

Lil Pump is one of those young trap rappers with colorful dreads that are getting into Billboard #10 quite easily. And that's good for the music industry, because it's clearly a new wave of young artists that are getting involved in the music business without being "a friend of" someone already known. Quite refreshing for the not that old fashioned typical Hip Hop sound that we all love. but that's getting saturated of the same names topping again and again. Listen to this Lil Pump beat using the play button above and don't forget to leave a comment if you liked it!

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Bouncy Filthy Hardcore Trap

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