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Lil Yachty 8BIT Free Beats Happy

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Lil Yachty - Game Boy Instrumental (8BIT, Free Beats, Happy, Trap Beat)

Download this amazing happy and videogame-feeling Lil Yachty Type Beat, pretty similar to the 1 Night Instrumental. I know you want this for life...

About this Lil Yachty Type Beat

Chris Martin is the idol of Lil Yachty. Yes, that's true, Coldplay, yes. The same guy who makes videos singing and dancing on Instagram, that one. The one who capitalizes on the good will and laziness of simple people. And some of you may think, "wow, what's wrong with that?". Well, it's all wrong, from the "C" of "Chris Martin" to the "Y" of "Lil Yachty", lol... Everything. Why those happy beats for Lil Yachty? Why? Because I remember the philosophy at the highschool, and my teacher told me that Plato said "role models are important", since those we admire influence our worldview, our ideas and our way of acting. That may be true.

So, if Chris Martin is Lil Yachty's role model... Well, then all the blame for what happened to him with "Teenage Emotions", his debut album and "1 Night", can be attributed to Chris Martin or not. I love their beats, they're kinda happy and sinister at the same time. With a Nintendo OST that I love. Being the author of "Teenage Emotions" is almost as good as having Chris Martin for an idol, and nobody likes to author bad albums to that level, even less. Let us know what you think about this Yacthy 1 Night Type Beat in the comments section!

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8BIT Free Beats Happy Trap

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