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Lil Yachty 8BIT Chill Trap

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Lil Yachty - Cartoons Instrumental (8BIT, Chill, Trap, Videogame Beat)

Listen and download to this Lil Yachty Type Beat. Similar to some of the beats Lil Yachty used in his mixtape Lil Boat. Cartoon trap banger alert! Listener discretion is advised, the bass can hit you really hard lol

About this Lil Yachty Type Beat

This Lil Yachty Type Beat is awesome, if you don't think so just take a look to the bass line... I bet you can't find another Trap Producer able to recreate that kind of stereo Bass in a Trap beat. With that said, and trying to not look as a selfcentered as**ole I could end up reviewing the whole Lil Boat Mixtape from Lil Yachty. But I'm not going to do that. Instead I'm going to talk about the beats and instrumentals that Lil Yachty is used to spit over. They're weird. That's all, weird. Almost all the beats used by Lil Yachty got that Cartoon mood that will teleport to your childhood you easily. And you know that I'm not lying.

I really like the beat used by Lil Yachty in his Broccoli track. When I listened to it for the very first time I remember I thought something like... Dude, what's that? Why that beat sound that weird? I've never listened to something like this before. And that's how that Lil Yachty beat got stuck in my mind for almost 3 full weeks. I was making a beat in the overnight and I was like... Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli... Man I don't even like broccoli but that beat was really catchy to my ears lol. Both DRAM and Lil Yachty killed it in this one, for real. I'm used to pay attention to the basslines and I was like I need to get a bass like this.

If you wonder why I made that kind of beats... I gotta say that needed to know if I was able to recreate the mood and the type of beats and instrumentals that Lil Yachty is used to make tracks with. And definitely I was, no doubt. I can even imagine the mood of the beat used by KYLE and Lil Yachty in the iSpy track in the beat I made. Honestly the beat of that track is the beat that inspired me to create this Lil Yachty Instrumental called Cartoons. Like it or not, but he has a huge fanbase and they all love to listen to him in that kind of beats.

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8BIT Chill Trap Videogame

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