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Love Trap Beat - Mary Jane Instrumental (Chill, Drake, Love, R&B, Trap Beat)

I've just uploaded the latest Love Trap Beat I've posted. It does have that Drake mood that would make it a Drake Type Beat, grab the free download!

About this Love Trap Beat Type Beat

The songs that make up 'Care Package', 17 in all, belong to very different temporal moments of the Canadian's career. Another very juicy factor worth noting are the feats we find in this new release by Drizzy. For example 'Girls Love Beyoncé', one of the album's hits, was recorded in 2013, 'Paris Morton Music' in 2011 or '4pm in Calabasas' in 2016. And although they are few collaborations, we can find names as powerful as Rick Ross, J. Cole or James Fauntleroi. So this Care Package mixtape album is full of Drake Type Beats and Love Trap Instrumentals like the showed on this website.

Within the album we can identify the soundscapes corresponding to the different stages of Drake's work, thus creating a new way to contemplate his career. Now these unpublished cuts see the light, allowing us to go a little further into the career of the author of 'Scorpion'. Although 'Care Packing' will not go down in history as one of Drake's most memorable launches, there is no doubt that it is a small hidden gem, a gift to the most loyal followers, who will certainly have known how to appreciate it. Download this beat clicking the big black button and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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