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Meek Mill Trap - Hunt Down Instrumental (Gangsta, Sampled, Trap, Trendy Beat)

This Meek Mill instrumental is the best instrumental I've ever made in the style of Meek. Download this Meek beat for free by clicking here.

About this Meek Mill Trap Type Beat

Meek Mill is one of the greatest artists in the Trap scene. The beats and instrumentals he's used to rap on are in the Trap genre, but not the usual trap beats that you could find on the internet or everywhere. Nope. They're usually sampled and quicker than the usual average beats at 130 BPMs. Like in the track Meek Mill - Intro, the trap instrumental that Meek is using is oviously sampled at its max (at least I need to think that it's sampled lol). It's weird to make an official video for that Intro track. It looks like the introduction to something bigger, and I'm talking about CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Man the whole album is crazy, the following track is Trauma and it sounds in the same line as the previous one. A sampled trap beat and a speedy tempo. I fuc*ing love the beats and instrumentals that Meek Mill used in the whole album. From the whole album I'd highlight the tracks Trauma, Splash Intro and Championships as is (there's a track with the name of the album just in case). There's also place for synth based beats but obviously there are fewer synth based beats on the album. One of the ones to go in the album would be WIt The Sh*ts, word.

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