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Ft. Fat Kingdom

Migos Free Beats Gangsta Hardcore

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Migos - PWNED Instrumental (Free Beats, Gangsta, Hardcore, Trap Beat)

Have you ever pwned yourself? Download this trendy Migos x Lil Boneeato trap type beat and make one of the greatest tracks of your whole career1

About this Migos Type Beat

I don't know who Lil Boneeato is, you don't know who Lil Boneeato is, but you like how it does sound. This amazing collab type beat from Migos and Lil Boneeato is one of the greatest Migos type beats on the internet, stop wasting your time on YouTube, we've got the best of the best on the scene! Lil Boneeato should be a rapper or something like, but Boneeato isn't one of the greatest trap artists... Yet!

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Free Beats Gangsta Hardcore Trap

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