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Minecraft 8BIT Experimental Hip Hop

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Minecraft - Creepers Gonna Creep Instrumental (8BIT, Experimental, Hip Hop, Videogame Beat)

Tssss... Tssss... Chschs... Boom! They're kinda... Destructive. Creepers are an adorable character of Minecraft. Enjoy this Minecraft Song that was made inspired by the Minecraft game and all his characters and don't forget to grab the free download before it's gone!

About this Minecraft Type Beat

Creepers are... Well, are just Creepers. Commonly they're the most destructive characters in the Minecraft Game, but I'm sure that's one of the most loved enemies in the whole game. We just have to take a look to the HUGE fanbase that's wearing a lot of Official Minecraft Merchandise showing a creeper. We could even say that ''Creepers'' are the most associated enemies in the game with the Minecraft brand. There's a lot of people wearing even Creeper T-Shirts, shorts, hoodies, baseball caps, hats... No matter what, Creepers have invaded us and there's no way to escape the Minecraft fever, even after listening to this Minecraft Song.

Minecraft was mainly developed by Notch (which is also known as Markus Persson, which his real life name). The game was sold more than 144 million copies, and it was bought by Microsoft for the absurd figure of $2.5 billion dollars... I'm sure that you (like me) can't even imagine that amount of money. How many lambos you can get with that amount of money? Crazy. Anyway, that game was what inspired this Minecraft Song, you'll be able to listen to some in-game steps as well as some creepers related sounds in this song, beat, instrumental or whatever you call this Minecraft Song.

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8BIT Experimental Hip Hop Videogame

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