When We Were Young instrumental     When We Were Young

Nostalgic Hyperpop Happy Hyperpop Nostalgic

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Nostalgic Hyperpop - When We Were Young Instrumental (Happy, Hyperpop, Nostalgic, Trap Beat)

If we talking about Hyperpop we talking about happy melodies made with synths. Get back to your childhood arcades downloading this beat!

About this Nostalgic Hyperpop Type Beat

The origin of hyperpop can be seen from the beginning of the last decade, in the UK and USA, when the netlabel PC MUSIC began to collect digital artists, to make something transcendent in the future of Pop music. The fact of combining Industrial, EDM, Neurofunk, Trap and Bass music with Pop music, was something fresh for many demanding ears, and today the current producers are trying to replicate that innovative formula.

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Happy Hyperpop Nostalgic Trap

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