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Post Malone X ASAP Rocky Classic Gangsta Sampled

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Post Malone X ASAP Rocky - The Rainbow Instrumental (Classic, Gangsta, Sampled, Trap Beat)

Get this awesome Post Malone Ft. ASAP Rocky Type Beat, it's a sampled trap instant classic, like all those trap songs we all were listening back in 2016 when that kind of sound was trending.

About this Post Malone X ASAP Rocky Type Beat

Instant. Classic. This Post Malone X ASAP Rocky Type Beat is an instant classic. I'm sure you can remember all those Hip Hop / Rap tracks with a Trap flavor (or viceversa) that were released back in 2016. And I'm sure that you can also remember that WE ALL loved that kind of sampled trap beats, at least I were used to. I like the current behavior and mood of the trap scene, but the one I liked the most is the old one. It was really dope almost everything that was released in that time. Specially the ASAP Rocky tracks that were released in that time. So if you like that kind of sampled trap beats I'm sure you'll like this Post Malone X ASAP Rocky Type Beat, because it was produced with them both in mind but focused in that moment of the Trap Music scene.

Anyway, if we're talking about Post Malone we are also talking about 21 Savage and the track that they both made together titled ROCKSTAR. Man, this track is still giving me goosebumps. I remember the first time I've listened to it and I was like "Ok, that dude is really a f*cking Rockstar". You know the track, you know its reach, and the rest is history. 21 Savage was kinda dope specially in that track and I'm sure that ASAP Rocky also loves that track since as far as I know they both are good friends. Post Malone and ASAP Rocky even have online pictures published at Instagram so balls are in your court.

In that meantime ASAP Rocky also released really dope songs with dope a*s beats and instrumentals like the collaboration song he have with Mura Masa, Love$ick. That's another f*cking instant classic, it would be another of those beats that I would catalog as a Post Malone X ASAP Rocky Type Beat. It's not since it's a collaboration between Mura Masa and ASAP Rocky, but it has the same mood as this sampled trap instrumental. Definitely Love$ick is such a great track with a dope instrumental that was released back in 2016, kinda before Rockstar, but it's still a jewel in my stash. Let me know what you think about this Post Malone X ASAP Rocky Type Beat in the contact section and grab the free download before it's gone. Peace out!

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