Neva Let Me Go instrumental     Neva Let Me Go
(With Hook)

Sad Trap Beat Hyperpop Sad Trap

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Sad Trap Beat - Neva Let Me Go Instrumental (Hyperpop, Sad, Trap, With Hooks Beat)

Download this awesome sad trap beat instrumental with hook. It does have an stunning vocal hook which works perfectly with a sad trap beats.

About this Sad Trap Beat Type Beat

Each song must have an introduction or intro. In this part there are usually few sounds, which usually leave the listener expectant with what is to come. And also, that usually happens a lot in live concerts, is to talk something about the song. The hook is the most important part of a song, where you can deliver the message/emotion directly to your audience and get their attention. Usually the hook is the strongest part of a song, but it doesn't have to be that way. It can last between 4 and 8 bars.

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Hyperpop Sad Trap With Hooks

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