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Scary Trap Creepy Dark Filthy

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Cryptic was exclusively sold

This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase. Anyway, you may be interested in The Summoning , which is a pretty similar beat.

Scary Trap - Cryptic Instrumental (Creepy, Dark, Filthy, Trap Beat)

The most creepy and scary Trap beat is just a click away. A mysterious ambience and the darkest sounds you'll ever listen in a Trap beat.

About this Scary Trap Type Beat

Yes, the most creepy, dark, evil and mysterious trap instrumental is here, in that website. If there's a dude able to make the darkest beats in the internet that's ME. From the atmosphere / ambience, to the drums and the bass, everything is the darkest a*s beat you'll ever listen to. I like to make that kind of creepy beats because they help me to express perfectly what I feel. Maybe I'm doomed, possesed by dakr forces or somewhat. Nah, I'm sure, I'm 100% ok, but anyway sometimes I like to make the darkest sh*t out there. I like that kind of sound, I don't care if it's trending or not.

The darkest the beat the better, it's a law. People is used to spit over love and corny beats, but what about the dark instrumentals? I'd like to hear some stuff from all those weirdos talking about chicks 24 / 7. Come on dude... There's no way to meet that amount of women in the time you make an album, no matter how hot you think you are lol. In the background you'll see Hugo next to a graveyard. Hugo is the "creepy" brother of Bart Simpson and I'm sure he'd like that trap instrumental.

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Creepy Dark Filthy Trap

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