The Dread instrumental     The Dread

Slow Trap Classic Gangsta Sampled

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Slow Trap - The Dread Instrumental (Classic, Gangsta, Sampled, Trap Beat)

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About this Slow Trap Type Beat

Everyone love slow trap beats. I mean you could end up using a normal trap beat or instrumental with an average tempo. But not everyone is able to rap over a slow trap instrumental. You have to get your lyrics very polished if you want to spit over that kind of beats. I've heard that 6ix9ine is used to rap over fast beats. And he does that screaming. That could be annoying or not, I mean the fact that he's always on the top is undeniable... But I would like to hear to 6ix9ine over a beat with a slow tempo or BPM.

Slow trap beats are used to be somekind smooth, but this instrumental is strictly different. This beat is aggresive and creepy at the same time. If you like slow and creepy beats then I'm sure that this one will inspire you to make one of your greatest tracks ever. There are a lot of kind and type of beats, the my favorite ones are the slow instrumentals, don't know why but I'm used to make my beats slower and slower as I improve my skills... Maybe it's because there's more time to appreciate all the details. Grab the free download of that slow instrumental before it's gone!

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Classic Gangsta Sampled Trap

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