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Travis Scott Hardcore Sampled Trap

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Travis Scott - Brickmaster Instrumental (Hardcore, Sampled, Trap, Trendy Beat)

One of the best Travis Scott type instrumentals out there in the internet, period. This Slow Trap beat is a real beast, 112 BPM that will blown your mind real quick.

About this Travis Scott Type Beat

It all depends on how fast are you beats at all. They can be fast or slow, but the fact of speeding them up will turn the beat into a bluff or a bump. Leaving that aside, this sampled trap beat is a fire beat. I think it's one of the best beats I've ever made, and the best trap instrumental I've made this 2019 from far. I can even imagine Travis Scott over this beat so that's why he appears in the picture. Pretty similar to the songs what he released this past 2018 but with a sampled feeling.

If you're not into the sample thing let me told you that I feel so bad, mainly because it's what feeds that kind of music. Anyway, I bet you can't guess the sample quickly since they're just 4 repeated notes so... It may be hard to guess. I find this beat pretty similar to the 'Sicko Mode' introductory beat, when Drake starts rapping on the track. Those sampled rhodes from Sicko Mode are pure fire. They even have the same mood as this Brickmaster beat so that's maybe because I can relate them both.

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Hardcore Sampled Trap Trendy

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