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Videogame 8BIT Chiptune Hardcore

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Videogame - Primma Donna Instrumental (8BIT, Chiptune, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Videogame Beat)

One of the best Videogame Type Beat and Videogame Music out there! Similar to some SEGA Genesis soundtracks and OSTs. Grab the free download!

About this Videogame Type Beat

You may be familiar with the sound and mood of this Videogame Type Beat, it really sounds like a videogame! Nah, for real, doesn't it sounds like the way old SEGA Geneis? I remember some of the soundtracks of some games I were playing as a child and it really fits in the genre! Videogame Music was a thing in those days, specially the Sonic games that I was really enjoying at that time. You may be nostalgic about those times but the music of videogames are sounding as I would like nowadays. So much 3D, so much polygons, so much everything but the music still sucks. Just take a look to the music that is being used in the latests releases of Call Of Duty, yeah, they're epic. YES! They're well composed, but I bet you can't remember the melodies after 20 minutes if you stop playing. In my opinion they're what I call drag & drop soundtracks, they sound good, they make their function, but they aren't anthems.

In my opinion Nintendo is a big player now. Now they're used to take care of the music they put on their videogames. The music and OST from Super Mario Bros is an anthem, but just because of the success of the videogame as is, not because of their OST like happened in the SEGA Genesis titles of Sonic The Hedghehog. I'm sure you can remember the main melody of the Green Hill Zone, you see? I'm right. It seems that they learned the lesson from their old main competitor SEGA, but I was used to be a SEGA boy, not a Mario boy. Now music in videogames isn't that important as it was used to be. But in my opinion (and it's just my opinion) the Videogames Music and SoundTrack is as much important as the videogame as is and its playability.

Honestly I can feel this Videogame Type Beat in any Castlevania Soundtrack. Definitely it sounds like some Castlevania sountracks. It has that deep and dark mood that everyone that likes Castlevania does like. I specially love the Castlevania title "Aria of Sorrow", which is one of the best titles for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. One of the best catalogs out there by far, no doubt. Feel free to get the free download and send me your tracks via the contact section if you used any of my beats. Peace out family!

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8BIT Chiptune Hardcore Hip Hop

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