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Wiz Khalifa X Neako Gangsta Hardcore Trap

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Wiz Khalifa X Neako - Open Beef Instrumental (Gangsta, Hardcore, Trap, Videogame Beat)

Download this awesome Wiz Khalifa X Neako Hardcore Trap Type Beat from our instant beat store. Similar to the beats of some old Wiz Khalifa records that were released back in 2012 / 2013.

About this Wiz Khalifa X Neako Type Beat

Wiz Khalifa and Neako are two really dope artists that are used to record over the best beats and instrumentals that you may've heard in years. In this Wiz Khalifa X Neako Type Beat I've tried to mimick that sound and the result was way better than I expected. Just take a quick look to some old Wiz Khalifa records and you'll quickly understand what I'm talking about. All those beats are DOPE. In Rolling Papers 2, the latest Wiz's album, we've seen a progression and an evolution regarding the beats and instrumentals thing. He got used to spit over trap beats before they were known as Trap Beats. Crazy, Wiz Khalifa was a visionary in the Trap / Hip Hop scene and he slowly put that new sound and introduced all of us to the sound that's actually trending.

You may notice a weird voice singing all along this Wiz Khalifa X Neako instrumental. Well, we have to talk about this, because it's not a voice, it's a synth. Yes. You've correctly red it, it's a synth. Specifically the VSTi synth NI FM8, it has a Talk-Wah - Vowel module where you can make the lead sounding like a vocal. If you're enough good with automations you can make it sing. And maybe I took it too far but you can't say it doesn't sound really good. You may think ''well, it sounds like a talkbox'', but it's not a talkbox, it's a pure lead, but just with the Vowel module activated mentioned above and well... Also with a major automation transition. It's easily removable with the stems / WAV trackouts so don't get weird. Honestly I think that it makes the whole beat even better and kinda unique, but if you think it should be removed just let me know and I'll do it.

Neako was also a really good player in the game, one of the tracks from Neako that I like the most is Scanners, which features Wiz Khalifa and that behind dope lyrics and that after a chill introduction it has a banger beat for all those who love chill beats and instrumentals. That track was released in his album The Number 23, which contains also one of my favorite tracks of all times, the track LVLYSL. I remember that when Neako released that album I had it in repeat like for 2 full weeks lol. Loved the sound, loved the features and also loved the whole spectrum of beats and lyrics merging in a way that I didn't heard before. Definitely not an album to miss.

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Gangsta Hardcore Trap Videogame

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