In the past, musicians had to face a number of overhead costs in order to get their work recorded and distributed to other people. Those costs could include recording studios, tape decks, and advertising. While musicians still face those costs today, technology had come a long way in reducing those costs by making great tools available for free to musicians.

A great way to sell your work nowadays is to record your music into digital formats via iTunes, Spotify and some other media sites. Almost no one will use records or cassette tapes, and CDs are quickly fading into the past as people now use MP3 players or smartphones to regularly listen to music, although the HipHop vinyl records still have their own market.

That’s great news for an artist because instead of having to spend loads of time burning and packaging CDs (or paying someone to do it), you can instead load your album on the Internet and sell it in MP3 format without paying any record label… That’s crazy because the same artists that say in their own tracks “fuck the industry” usually are the same that are searching for record labels to place their work, but hey, just do what you want.

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Take advantage and profit

Of course, you will need to get people to visit your website, and that’s where some techniques come into play. First of all you will want to take a look at WordPress, which personally I think is the best. This is a free and open sourced tool that was initially created to help people set up blogs. Overtime WordPress has matured into a vibrant project that features just about any kind of web content that you could want. The reason you will want to use WordPress is to set up the blog.

The blog will help you drive traffic to your site through a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and just think about it, Google is the place where everyone search for everything, it’s like free promotion, if you’re selling something online definetly Google is the number one place where you should stay.

We’re talking about online business for musicians and obviously SEO is needed as well to help a search engine such as Google or Bing learn something about your website. Since many people will search the Internet, you will need to make sure that people can actually find your website.

Now there are countless different techniques and opinions on how to make your website visible to a search engine, but here is the nuts and bolts of it: the more and better content your website has, the more likely the search engine will index it. That means people will be able to find your website and discover your music.

How a blog could help me in my career?

By using WordPress to make a blog, you will be producing content. Let’s suppose you have a HipHop or instrumentals album that you are trying to sell. What you might want to do is keep a daily journal of what it was like to make that album from start to finish.

When the album is ready for sale, you will use that journal to blog about making the album. The blog can contain video, photos, and music, but ideally it should have plenty of word. The text content is the most search engine friendly.

Not only will this help the search engine, but also once people start subscribing and reading your blog, they are more likely to refer more people to your site. That means more opportunities to sell your work, but it also will improve search engine rankings too! The hard work will pay off, because once your site gets going you will be able to expand your online business. Start your own blog today and start your own oneline business for musicians.

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