An American rapper named as Horst Christian Simco or more known as RiFF RAFF. Since 2001, RiFF RaFF has made our ears beat with his music, he is (or was, idk) part of the rap group called Three Loco. But is he an attention whore? Let’s look his career and his skills that has make him popular and a good rapper for some part of the public.

RiFF RaFF chorus basics

He has two characteristics that make him interesting and these skills make some good musics. First, he knows what to do and in which way to make success. Furthermore, he is fortune teller of the new hits and new trends in rap music. This skill makes big themes that public really loves that. However, he’s also not repetitive or boring for us because he innovates a lot.

Second, RiFF RaFF is not similar to traditional rappers. I mean RiFF RaFF is known because he innovates and creates really incredible chorus that will be in your mind for a long time. These two skills make a support for his popularity and songs, and trust me, the chorus is basically everything for radio airplays and TV placements, is what the people usually like to listen to or at least it’s what people pay more attention to… So since almost the beginning RiFF RaFF nailed the chorus basics.

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The hate is real

Loads of critics of Riff Raff are from his personality in public and alone. They think that he is a character who acts like the public wants. In my opinion, he’s real personality is not important at all because the important thing is to feel what he is creating: music. Some other rappers hated, disrespected and called him cokehead and some other insults in the same way. Maybe it’s true (or not) but we should care about his music, not about what he likes to snort the weekends.

It is impossible to refuse his unimaginable eagle eye for business. I’ve already said that it is one of his important skills. However, he is a talented to do lyrics with literary figures that say his reality like drugs and women in a different and wonderful way, some of them said in freestyle. He is also an artist of freestyle.

riff raff teeth

RiFF RaFF Collabs and chartings

One of his greatest hits is called The Illest with The Far East Movement from 2013 in the album named as KTown Riot. In this article, I will let you know some things of this piece. This song was the number 18 on the US Billboard Hot Rap Songs and was for a mixtape titled GRZZLY but they released a new version with RiFF RaFF featured. This piece of art has many remixes but anyway the whole original track is also dope as f*ck.

I am totally fallen in love with the video of this track. The feeling is amazing of liberty and it looks like if they were saying I am the new law here, I am doing what I really want. The truth is unless you hate freedom and good beats this will be in your bedside. This video has a big background work and essay but seems that the producer picked the best moments and chose the best transitions.

I am not a lover of music videos unless they are different. From my point of view, the song alone is good but, if you listen and watch at the same time: it has no words to describe or tell me if it is not a best-seller of rap?

Are you from the illest?

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