Dubstep music is still one of the main genres of the EDM scene, and Skrillex has shown to the world today more than ever that young people can do almost anything with vigor and strength. You might not know the name Sonny John Moore, but it is what he is when he’s not performing under his artistic name. Most teenagers and young people spend their time watching TV or just hanging out with friends, Sonny dedicated these years to shape his artistic career.

A talented artist under 30

Hidden talent? Not at all, Skrillex displays talent in its truest form. He’s proved to be a great singer, songwriter, DJ and Dubstep music producer. He conquered the stages way before he was 30 this 2018. Although he is 30 now, he still has kind of child-star image. It is clear that he’s not a boy anymore, and has made his mark as a great multifaceted artist.

Acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, microphones, turntables and mixers, all of them wink at him. But, let’s get a glimpse of his life before he was so famous. Sonny John Moore was born on January 15, 1988. When he was 16, he found out he was adopted and ran away from home. Not a better phrase to describe this event that every cloud has a silver lining. In his case, difficult times led him to better days.

First steps to success in the emerging Dubstep music scene

Skrillex And Diplo Making Dubstep Music

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After his decision of running away, he joined the band “From First to Last”, and stayed with them for three years. It went very well for him because after two successful studio albums with the band, in 2007 he has already decided to show all his talent on his tour as a solo artist. Everybody knows the great results of his decision.

Before this big step and becoming one of the most dynamic forces in music, all what he learned about instruments and arts in the private academy school when he was 12 was extremely useful. Moreover, he started feeling what to make own music was at the age of 13. His parents were scientologists, Sonny John Moore didn’t cultivate religion, but a real passion for music, you can hear the song that made Sonny famous called Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites right here.

His early musical influences were also crucial and helped him to start his way to success. Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex, Twin and Squarepusher are among those influences. He loved Hard rock and electronic dance music since he was a kid. Nowadays, he’s had the opportunity not only to share with famous singers, but even being their producers. The most recent and successful example, Justin Bieber.

Known professionally as Skrillex

Skrillex Portfolio Photography

Although he says this nickname has no specific meaning, it certainly reminds him his teen years. His friends used to call him Skrillex, or Skrill, so that’s the professional name he chose to be known as the phenomenal musician he is.

He always blows people away with each amazing live performance, but also with what he inspires. If you keep on the pulse of what’s happening online, you can watch on YouTube people showing their Dubstep music dance skills through the most original and spontaneous choreographies using the best Skrillex’s dubstep music.

He is definitely a powerful artist in more than just singing and music dubstep music. He started to shine playing the guitar with “From First to Last”, then he was the lead vocalist, and eventually started a solo career. Part of his plan started creating his profile on MySpace where he uploaded clips performing under the name of Skrillex. The releasing of these tracks would change his life soon.

Awards till date

He holds the world record for most Grammys won by an electronic dance music artist. Easy to say, but a real exemplary achievement to have 8 Grammys. These include “Best dance/electronica album, Best dance recording and Best remixed recording”. He’s also been named MTV’s Electronic dance music artist of the year. So he’s definitely all an acclaimed artist.

Despite being so young, he’s had the best experiences as a real artist. To be respected as a DJ in today’s scene is one of the greatest things for him. Year after year, there’s a big pool of nominees for the best DJs, and it’s been a fact during these last years that he is always on the list. Maybe one year more prolific than the other, but always on the top.

Against any criticisms that could still exist, no doubt Skrillex is one of the most famous DJs who ever lived. His fans are used to enjoying his talent in productions, collaborations and remixes that go beyond their expectations. The more you have, the more you want, and Skrillex knows this, that’s why it is a must for him to please his audience.

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