As far as I know SoundClick is still one of the most frequently visited website of the world, they also have tons of targetted traffic. Basically it is a social networking website where music fans can stream music or download free MP3 music in any genre and style, from hiphop instrumentals to Latin music, alternative music and pop music.

SoundClick Popularity Decreased in 2014

Users can create music and members profiles, upload photos, videos, and write blogs. Once, not so long ago, SoundClick was a hit with Internet users. These days, however, the online traffic of the website is strongly decreasing. Internet users are still looking for instrumental hip hop beats on SoundClick, but other free music websites are popping up all over the Internet, like a big rival, SoundCloud, one of the most popular music sites. They may take the place of SoundClick.

The traffic loss of SoundClick also could be a smart reaction of the usual listeners. I mean why do you have to pay $29.95 for an instrumental without tags if there’s a lot of YouTube channels popping out the best EDM Trap Music and instrumentals out there for free? The only one targetted traffic I can think about right now are the people that are really looking for beats with rights for their upcoming project and… Well, being serious not everyone who visit SoundClick looking for beats is planning to release an album for sale.

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Soundclick Alexa Rankings in 2014

According to Alexa (the most authentic web traffic analyzing site) SoundClick was doing well at the first half of 2014, then, sometime in June and July, there was a noticeable fallback. The site got somewhat more hits in August, then its popularity decreased again in September, just like in July. In October, there was a dramatic fallback again, even worse than back in the summer months. In December, the traffic increased, but it could not reach earlier results, not even the September results.

But don’t panic! SoundClick is still amongst the most visited 50,000 websites of the world and it is still relevant, despite the fallback in the second half of 2014. As of 25th December, 2014, Alexa considers SoundClick the 7,209 website of the United States and the 16,501st website of the world. The bounce rate is 37.4 percent. The average SoundClick visitor hits the website eight times a day and spends 7:15 minutes there. You also would notice that almost the 90% of the SoundClick traffic comes from Google search results and are looking for Instrumentals.

Is Still SoundClick The Best Place To Sell Beats

But is still SoundClick the best place to sell beats?

It is obvious that most of the visitors are from the United States, about 46 percent of SoundClick users are Americans (and being serious almost the 99% of my sales comes from the US). The next country is Brazil, and there is a big difference between Brazil and the United States: Brazilian visitors make up only 6.4 percent of the SoundClick visitors. However, SoundClick is still the 9,053 most visited website of Brazil. The third country is India, closely followed by the United Kingdom and France. But how interested is India in instrumentals? That makes no sense and seems that they’re receiving a lot of fake traffic. Personally yesterday I stopped paying for the VIP account.

SoundClick traffic estimation

Most of the SoundClick visitors are still at school and are female. As I said below the most popular subjects are instrumentals, free beats and hip hop beats and are looking for free hip hop instrumental and beats. That’s good and bad for our business tho and according to Worth of Web (another web analytics website) SoundClick has 86,530 visitors a day, which is an estimated result, based on Alexa rankings. The website has 2, 595,900 visitors in a month and 31,150,800 visitors a year. It boasts of 432, 509 pageviews per day.

Tips and tricks for SoundClick traffic understanding

If you really want to know your profile analytics and real life profile pageviews better place a blank image using, just set it as a transparent .PNG and place it as <img src=””> at the top of your SoundClick page / Interview code. Then take a look to your statistics to see your real life statistics because I’m pretty sure that SoundClick is still counting spiders and robots views as targetted traffic and real life views.

What we could expect for this 2015? Well this is just my advice but, for this 2015 better start working on some SEO and in page optimizations instead just stay on SoundClick if you want to keep your sales but don’t delete your page, just shut down your VIP account and let the SoundClick staff work on something better.

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