RevolveЯ is the fourth album that T-Pain has published in his musical career on December 6, 2011. If you think that T-Pain has not any feeling or a minimum intelligence, you will be surprised. The name, as this Mc said, is for the people who judged him without meeting or knowing more than his name.

The title’s name becomes simple but the capital letter saying: Evolve have a sentimental meaning. First, if somebody tells you the word revolver you think in violence and fear but evolve becomes a purpose to this author to make us evolves and have less misjudgments.

Furthermore, T-Pain wants to share his evolution as a person and as an artist too! Personally, this makes me raise an eye-brown for this original title’s name.

RevolveR from T-Pain – The collabs

The name of this CD’s songs and his features are, according to the order of the original, Bang Bang Pow Pow featuring  Lil Wayne, Bottlez featuring Detail, It’s Not You (It’s Me) featuring Pitbull, Default Picture, 5 O’Clock featuring Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen, Sho-Time (Pleasure Thang), Rock Bottom, Look at Her Go featuring Chris Brown, Mix’d Girl, I Don’t Give a Fuk, Drowning Again featuring One Chance, Jon A. Gordon, Michael A. Gordon, When I Come Home, Best Love Song featuring Chris Brown, Turn All the Lights On featuring Ne-Yo. This creation called RevolveR has 14 songs with many features for all kind for all tastes.

T-Pain Promotional Image with Sunglasses

RevolveR has many reviews and music professional reviews too. Many user think that the extensive use of auto-tune can be harmful for T-Pain’s talent. It is a common opinion that T-Pain is trying so hard to renew and like the CD’s name: evolve but, I am not sure if it is a good evolution at all.

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Our thoughts about the album

It’s important to say that T-Pain with or without auto-tune or any program that make higher or better his voice, it is not as important as the lyrics because if you feel the music you need to feel the message.

Reviews of users and critics consider and ponder the aim of this Mc. T-Pain has featured with Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen and doing, in my opinion, the best songs. Beyond this, Chris Brown features’ are bitter but better than all the songs without features in RevolveR.

To sum up, RevolveR not the best album from T-Pain but some musics (5 O’clock featured Wiz Khalifa, Look at her go featured Chris Brown and Best Love Song featured Chris Brown too) make me recommend the purchase because its diversity. You will have fun without thinking too much! Unless, you don’t want to see evolve or evolution like T-Pain promise because it’s not a full evolution you will be satisfied.

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