It is important to license or register your own music before you sell it. If you really want to make money or name from your music art. Music licensing makes monetizing musical art possible and effective. Music is an art that people have come to appreciate so much that it is now used as therapy in diverse field of study. Music is an intellectual property that deserves to be protected and earn a living from just like physical property that you can touch or handle with your bare hands.

Why do you have to register your own music?

As technology advances, so is music advancing alongside and the more possible it is, to earn a living or make a name from ones intellectual music art. The only way to make a name and money from your musical art, be it hiphop, rap, instrumentals or songs in an album is to obtain a license or copyright to your own music before selling it.

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At the internet everyone can listen and download everything for free and literally register your own music before you to make any kind of profit without your knowledge (e.g. at YouTube). Theatre music art performers of any kind of musical art protect their arts by registering their own music to obtain a music license to protect their ownership of the musical art, you can do the same as a producer / beatmaker.

The importance of license or registering your own music, before you try to sell it out to the public or to any other performer includes:

Provide protection to your art
The right to a copyright of that music
The right to sue anyone who copies your art without permission from you
The rights to issue recreation permission to other performers, who love to broadcast, rerecord the music.
Right to charge for copied performance privileges (you charge people to use or copy your musical art)

When you do not register your own music or obtain a license for your music, you cannot enjoy any of the above mentioned rights.

How much money can I earn?

There are millions of testimonies on the internet on how musical artist have made thousands of dollars by obtaining music license according to copyright laws. Music licensing insures your work and available ample opportunity to make huge cash from it.

In the processes of registering your own music, you get to learn all the opportunities to monetize your intellectual property (music), how to sign contracts that will pay off in time, the business techniques involved in the music industry and several agreement options that exist when making your musical art into an album.

Music licensing right insures any aspect of music. As a lyrics writer, instrumentals, or tune maker, sound mixing and so on, you can obtain license for any kind of musical art when you know to do, and if you how, you can monetize it (make money from it).

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