The singer hip-hop rapper musician Jay Z is admired by many. His music it´s touching and despite the challenges and the things that he has to going through, his success is undeniable and obstacles never stop him. In this post, we will share interesting information about this prolific hip-hop rapper artist. Keep reading!

Jay Z´s childhood was hard. Raised in Marcy Projects (a public housing complex) without a father, he was forced to sell crack by the time he was 13 to gain some money for the bills. He was doing what he has to do for his family survival.

In this environment where Jay Z was raised it was common that young males end up in the jail or in worst-case scenario, dead. Danger at every corner. He frequently plays in the back yard´s neighborhood with other kids. But sometimes, they have to be alert because young guys with machine guns appeared very often in the place, shooting everywhere. The kids were forced to run terrified to their buildings.

Jay Z inspires others to have success

Jay Z With A Champagne Bottle

Despite the fact that his gown up in a corrupted place, where drugs, guns and violence were common, he says that he wouldn’t change a thing. He built his strengthen and his character in this place. Also, he says that this experience made him stronger and prepared for life.

So, he taught to his fans that success it´s not defined by the place you came from, you can´t control the circumstances you were born into, but you have the power to decided where you going in the future.

“The work that you put into something is what you get out of it” Is one of his most famous quotes. He sat in the table for hours only to write his songs. So, for him, effort, excellence and persistence are the keys to reach our deepest dreams and aspirations. Find your passion and fight for it whatever it takes. It´s what you really like, you can find satisfaction investing time on it.

The intention of Shawn Corey to speak to an audience

Jay Z In an Awesome Gig

According to Jay Z, create music is created poetry. As simple as that music is art for him, and the lyrics he writes are symbols of his deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences. He says that he was blessed with this gift, with the ability of verbalize emotions and situations.

He started to write as a kid inspired in his small group of friends because all of them, including Jay Z, through the same thing. However, once he became famous he says that he has 1 million of friends (his fans) and he writes for them now.

Having an intention was enough for him, he was focused in reach an audience that he knows he could speak to. However, he says that his music has really transcended cultural boundaries. Racism it´s no present anymore in clubs and discos. Everyone listens the same music in social events, parties and more. Hip-hop is not an exclusive genre for black people anymore.

Things change drastically for this hip-hop rapper. At the time he was 26 he has his own record label and sold more than 50 million records and won seven Grammy’s. But this didn’t end here. He also started his own clothing line and his own entertainment company.

Jay Z life´s philosophy is about karma. He truly believes that what you give it´s what you get in the future. The way how you treat people are the way how you will be treated for others. He´s always kind and respectful with everyone, and he wants to be an example of success for those that are going through hard times.

I want to you really think about what I am going to say next. What would happen if everyone in the world has a perfect life, the obstacles didn’t exist. If everything was to easy that we hadn’t to effort in our life goals. Everyone can reach their dreams easily.

Jay Z, thinks that our all life experiences (good or bad) shape us, and defined what we are today. Obstacles shouldn’t stop us, obstacles should propel us to prove what are you capable to do, even if you have scars, problems and a dark past.

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