Maybe some years ago, no one had a clue about who Skepta was. Now, very well-known and even admired by other singers who have expressed their deep respect. In September 2016, he definitely rose to international fame thanks to his fifth album “Konnichiwa”. In fact, it was not only fame, but history. Skepta made history being the first Grime winner of the Mercury Music Prize since 2003.

Skepta is closely tied to family

Two things make him be very proud, his African heritage and his family. Like all kids, Skepta made some mistakes along the way. At the age of three accidentally set a teddy bear on fire and burnt out their house so they had to move to Tottenham, North London. Living there had an important impact on his point of view about life, undoubtedly expressed in his music.
One of the hardest things for superstars is to be also successful in maintaining family ties. Unlike other celebs, Joseph Junior Adenuga (Skepta’s real name) has never been out of touch, even when he’s away from home.

He’s in the same crew “Boy Better Know” with his blood brother JME. His other brother Jason produced three songs of the hit album “Konnichiwa” and his sister Julie is a radio host on Apple’ Station, Beats 1. Impossible to forget the moment he brought his parents up on stage and dedicated the Mercury Prize to them saying “thank you to mom and dad…all the moms and dads because they made us”. Despite being so famous, the world has watched him succeed with his musical family, start-up business ventures and love.

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A very distinctive style!

who is skepta the best grime music artist
Skepta is not only an ambassador of Grime, his distinctive style has made him one of the best-selling artists of our times. Although he says Grime never went away, he can’t deny that he managed to take Grime from Tottenham and turned it into a phenomenon. The Grime celebrated today has its roots in the combination of Jamaican dancehall, UK garage and American hip hop.

Nearly a decade after starting his career, Skepta released “That’s not me” winner of his first best video and then, his fifth album “Konnichiwa” was extremely well received. Now, he is one of the most respected and visible practitioners of the Grime genre.

People describe his rapping like he’s building a tower of blocks and stresses syllables with the force of a falling brick. Without a doubt, Skepta and his collective Boy Better Know are the most important ones in Grime history. They’ve been at the top of the Grime scene for years and it doesn’t seem they’ll give up their spot.

Ready to tie the knot?

skepta with naomi campbell relationship
Who knows? What we do know is that romance rumors have stopped. With a kiss and a very hot topless photo for GQ cover, Skepta confirmed he is in a relationship with Naomi Campbell. With this photo, GQ broke news that these two successful characters are romantically linked.

Both share the experience of moments in their careers barricaded by racism. But, today the supermodel and the inventive and groundbreaking rapper say to the world what everybody wanted to know, they are in a relationship. Taking a look back at the couple’s love timeline, they definitely deserve to have the greatest romantic experience. The best of luck in the world to them!

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