Here are some ways to promote your soundcloud account. 10 SoundCloud useful tips in how to promote your music and songs in the largest audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds.

SoundCloud promotion (English)

Many artists that are noobs on SoundCloud the first question that they have is why them have only a few plays and followers if they really makes good music and have collaborated with too many artists of the community that really knows him. Well, you’re an artist recognized in your community but not in SoundCloud and vice versa, ie you may have a lot ot plays and followers in SoundCloud for being recognized in your community but one thing does not remove the other. Out of SoundCloud you’re a recognized artist but, in this social network you’re only another one profile with poor visibility, and that’s what you should fix.

Keep in mind that SoundCloud is an emerging company that has quickly become a reference (from my point of view) in the music world. Soundcloud has displaced some other style portals like ReverbNation, BandCamp, the walking dead MySpace (Tom is a guy ready) and will probably end up displacing BeatPort and SoundClick if they make a button to send payments directly from their own site.

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1.- Work on the audio quality

The first thing you must keep in SoundCloud is good music and also as far as possible a good sound quality, is not good make great music and not be listenable. If you focus all your time on the production skills and you’ve forgotten learn how as is the sound (or at least have a basic understanding) should be quite difficult get a hundred of plays and followers, unless you count a friend / firm which undertakes to do this for you in a professional, if you already have good music and a good sound just wait.

2.- Grow your visibility

The second thing is trying to get visibility at SoundCloud, that’s the best you can do to promote your SoundCloud account. Is useless the fact of not following anyone, not comment, not mark as favorite to another artist for X reasons if you really enjoy the music that he makes, remember that you are only another one in SoundCloud, and SoundCloud is a social network. If there is no communication with any other users you’re dead, even a recognized artist in a concrete genre. Anyway do not spam never, nobody likes spam like im a dumb, listen my music, go to my profile and the like, with that you only get just the opposite.

3.- Offers music that can be used

Share your music on SoundCloud groups, internet, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, that’s a good way to find people doing the same as you, that you love what you do, you follow or know. When you upload a new theme tries to always leave the link to your SoundCloud and not the concrete link of the new track, probably the people listen the previous tracks too. Try to upload music for free and do not use voice tags / watermarks or the like if you produce rap instrumentals. Enable the free download button if we are talking about other genres. Note that if you produce rap instrumentals and you offer consistently something of quality that can be downloaded and used easily will follow you rappers because obviously they are interested in. Do not upload your music without voice tags / watermarks if the tracks must not be used, try to control the use of a beat in a million of users is… Stupid. If you do not want your music be used use a fucking tag in your beats and stop talking shit about any rapper if they use it without mention and permission, thats your problem. If you produce electronic music enable the free download button and if the DJs really enjoy your tracks trust me, they play it in their live shows. Sell your music through Beatport is good but not for you, because too many djs do not pay any dollar for any download and they will not click in the buy button of the track. If you’re looking this is because you need some kind of promotion. Sometimes is more worth get your tracks played in a live show on the other side of the world that a measly dollar per download.

4.- Be respectful

If you really want to promote your SoundCloud account you better be social and responds to the constructive comments or advices that they leave for you, remember that you will not find few fans here, you will find people doing the same or similar things of you do. Listen the tracks of the people that said you something in a comment, mark as favorite the tracks you really enjoy and let them advices or comments telling what you like about their music. Be aware of that and appreciates every comment, because if you do not do it, may be the last.

5.- Takes advantage in SoundCloud

Use the Buy link buttons to drive traffic to other sites where you and the listeners can get something that can’t be in SoundCloud, for example, I force to my listeners to go to my SoundClick profile to download those songs / instrumentals. With this I have the same track plays on SoundCloud also more plays and downloads in the same SoundClick tracks, with its consequent legal traffic source and grow up in the charts and exponentially increasing the chances of selling the uploaded instrumental.

6.- Work on the presentation

Go to Google Images (or and put a cover to your track or instrumental in keeping with what sounds or the title. That makes it more attractive and therefore more plays and comments will have. No sense upload an excellent instrumental with a name that does not inspire anybody to write or incites to hear. It’s your music, offer it in the best way possible. Remember those images often have some form of license, be sure to use only Creative Commons licensed images and write the source and author of the image in the description, they also search some kind of promotion (like you), the main idea is share, not use.

7.- Yeah, promote your SoundCloud account but be professional

Take what you do seriously, this is perhaps one of the most important point in SoundCloud. If you do not take yourself seriously and respect your work assumes that no one else will. Obviously you always have to have some talent to make good music (regardless of gender or how you cook) but obviously if you are looking at this article you assume that you have enough talent or faith to get something big and fill you both professionally and personally.

8.- Generate traffic to your profile

Tag your music well and never forget to write the music genre of what you just uploaded if you really want to promote your soundcloud account, you can also tag the most famous artists of the genre to drive traffic in the SoundCloud searches. Another of the easiest ways to be listened on SoundCloud is share your music in different sites / forums dedicated to music or production, such as may be the forums and websites like SoundClick and like. You might also try leave your SoundCloud profile address in each website or forum in that you post or comment things. Remember that the idea of this is not spamming, redirect your listen, if someone heard and liked something of yours in another portal will assume that go to your profile to continue listening or find new things.

9.- Follow other artists

Do not forget to follow any other artists you know personally or who have been a reference for you, think that, being a social network when someone comes into the profile of these people there is a chance (however small) that to be displayed your profile in their followers list, therefore, the more people you are following greater be the likelihood to be found your profile. It is also true that it is no use to follow the maximum SoundCloud users (2000 maximum users think if I remember correctly) if you dont listen their music, you have no interest in what they do or do not know who they are. The idea is to listen to what you like in your own profile, if you do not hear what you like in your own profile you will probably end up losing interest in your own SoundCloud and that’s not good for you as it is a promotional tool very powerful and steadily growing.

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