Drake was meant to be a famous singer, just that simple. He has beaten records with his albums, especially the most recent ones, that’s why Drake’s the most promising Hip Hop Rapper of our times. There is no doubt that Drake has become a legend in the hip-hop music industry. However, did we know what makes drake´s music so exceptional? If you want to know more about him and his music, keep reading this post.

The beginning of the most promising Hip Hop Rapper career

Drake was raised in the south of Memphis by his jewish Canadian mother and by his afro american father. So, growing up as a biracial boy, Drake experimented what is like to not fit in, anywhere. However, this situation drastically changed at the age of 14 when he participated on the TV series Degrassi: The Next generation.

His career started at this moment. In this show Drake played Jimmy, a black boy rapper singer that unfortunately is a wheelchair-bound. He suddenly became in a hip-hop fanatic and also quickly turn into one of the most popular members of the crew.

A few years later, Drake decides that music was his thing, so he quit to high school. He dedicates the 100% of his time making music and studding hip-hop genre. However, his beginning as a hip-hop rapper artist was not easy at all.

Drake, the most promising Hip Hop Rapper, actually started in his native small hometown with the conviction of becoming an international star someday. However, with time he gained fans, fame and respect. Effort, constancy and faith are the keys to success my friends.

Drake and it’s rise to fame

Drake May Be Thinking In The Destiny At This Moment

What makes Drake´s music so especial? How did he get into the big leagues of rap? Well, in fact it’s actually a funny story. One day, Drake was in a barber shop cutting his hair, when suddenly he received an unexpected call of Urban Legends, a famous latin-american production team.

The person in the other side of the phone line was none other than Lil Wayne, who told him that he has potential to be an iconic hip hop rapper. Drake says that it was surreal, but he believes it was destiny, simply it´s was meant to be. Immediately, he took a plane to see Lil Wayne and he started a new music adventure on his side.

Curious facts about Drake

Drake´s favorite hip hop rapper is Jay Z. But as we mentioned before the person that supported and inspired him was his mentor Lil Wayne. Also, did you know that “Drake” isn´t the first name of this rapper? In fact, his real name is Aubrey Drake Graham. But he changed by only Drake at the moment that he starts to sing.

Everything about Drake’s #MyFeelingsChallenge – #KikiChallenge

Almost a week ago, Drake gets an iconic #1 record of views for his most recent song “In My Feelings”. This song is the most viral music at this moment, and also it´s something like the new Harlem Shake. Why? Well, this song has sparked a new viral dance challenge hard not to notice, just like the Hot Line Bling viral dance of the 2015. That In My Feelings Challenge is also known as Kiki Do you love me Challenge, feel free to take a look to Instagram explore section. If you watch someone else dancing while a car is moving with the passengers door’s open then it’s a Kiki Challenge lol

XXXTentacion murderer charges

XXXTentacion Diss And Beef To The Most Promising Hip Hop Rapper

Drake, the most promising hip hop rapper, was accused of being implicated in the murder of another hip hop rapper, Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, known by the name of XXXTentacion, who was found on June 18, 2018, dead in his car by a gunshot. He was accused because of the popular Twitter diss that XXXTentacion started like a year ago. Drake´s fans were worried, concerned and shocked by this situation. But they really were in hope that there were a big misunderstanding. Finally the murderer was jailed like 2 months ago, it wasn’t in Drake’s inner circle nor connected with Drake in any way so. Honestly I can’t even imagine Drake thinking about killing someone, I’m sure he’s a really good person, you can’t reach that kind of success being an asshole.

How does inspiration come from?

Drake The Most Promising Hip Hop Rapper Looking For Some Inspiration

Drake music is always successful, viral and amazing because he gets inspired by his own real life, emotions and experiences to rap. “God´s plan”, “Best I ever Had”, “One dance”, “Hot Line Bling” and “In My Feelings” were the most popular hits in the career of this rapper. The audiovisual construction of the clips videos was good, really good, the choreography epic and the song lyrics were even better.

In other words, many people acclaimed that Drake´s music doesn’t fit in the hip hop music genre. This is basically because people think that the lyrics of his songs are softer and “emotional” than the other hip-hop rappers in the media. However, the music industry media has categorized Drake as the best promising hip hop rapper of our times.

In fact, it was a time, most specifically in the beginning of the career of that hip hop musician that Record Labels tried to force Drake to change completely his personal style to look more alike to the others famous rappers in the music industry, just to make him fit in the typical rap stereotype.

Drake refuses to change, and he decided to stay true to himself and also, stay strong of his personal convictions. This is what makes Drake´s music so special, authentic and exceptional, he seals his music and video clips with his own brand, no matter what people think about it.

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