As you can see we’re now offering online mixdown and mastering services. It aims to give better audio quality to your music production, whatever the style of music you make. We will focus on electronic music, and the rich diversity it includes, whether Dubstep, Drum And Bass, Trap, House, Electro or even Hip Hop instrumentals or songs.

How the mixdown and mastering works?

Finding someone to master your tracks can be a long and painful process, looking for the right engineer for your style of music, confirming they’re available and then affordable. You then have to find a way of getting your tracks properly mixed and mastered and the most important point, you have to like how it sounds and the final result.
Thankfully, this page offers you the opportunity carry out the whole process online, getting a better audio quality, through the innovative new platform DropBox. The whole routine, from submitting your tracks via DropBox (or any other file sharing site) to receiving the tracks properly mastered ready to get released, can be done within forty eight hours and a few simple steps.

1.- First, send your track outs or stems through a secure cloud sharing system. (for example Dropbox, Mega or Wetransfer)
2.- Submit your payment via the purchase page
3.- Wait as we begin to prepare your track for a smooth and successful mixdown, you will receive an email confirmation
4.- You will receive a thirty second preview of the final version of your track within forty eight hours of receiving payment, you can also request to receive the full track with a beep every 15 seconds instead a quick preview
5.- If you’re happy with how it sounds, we will send you the processed WAV files as well as the studio master tracks in mp3 and WAV

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How the mixdown and mastering works

What’s included in the mixdown and mastering services?

1.- Limiting
2.- Cutting
3.- Filtering
4.- Compression
5.- Processing and post-processing

How much does the mixdown and mastering cost?

Our online mastering service offer a variety of options depending on the type of track you’re getting mastered. The prices for a single track range from $29.95 to $99.95. A full breakdown of their pricing schemes, including the best value options, can be found here.

Payment options

We accept payment either through Paypal, or credit/debit cards. Cards accepted include American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover. If you need further information on how to submit a payment via PayPal with your credit card without having a PayPal account please go to the contact section and you will receive instructions as soon as possible.

Examples of our latests mixdown and mastering works

With any mix down and mastering service, you of course want to know that you will actually get better audio quality on your tracks. Many mastering services claim to understand a certain genre of music, but in fact just offer a generic service. We allow you to check ‘before and after’ examples of their work, in a variety of genres, so you can be sure the service is what you need. Just visit our Soundcloud page to hear some samples.

I’m ready! How I got it?

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