Save Me instrumental     Save Me
(With Hook)

EDM Trap With Hook Electronic Pop Trap

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EDM Trap With Hook - Save Me Instrumental (Electronic, Pop, Trap, With Hooks Beat)

If you're looking for beats with hooks then you're in the right place! Click here to listen and download this EDM Trap Type Beat with hook.

About this EDM Trap With Hook Type Beat

Yup, exactly, beats with hooks are life. I still think that beats are just unfinished songs waiting to be properly released. I mean if the producer is the woodcutter the artist is the wood polisher. And everyone likes well polished products instead of a load of wood. A clear case study may be the sucess of Apple in the smartphones era, every detail is polished at its max. But what if that unpolished beat comes with great round corners and smooth instead of being a wood block? Inspiration is triggered over 9000! That's why I love to create beat with hooks, because of the hundreds of tracks they inspire.

Hooks are often removed or replaced from the beat / instrumental once the track is recorded and released, but there remains the original inspiration it comes from. I grabbed the hook from Splice, so it's 100% royalty free and you shouldn't get problems about that. Anyway, it was stated that I can't name the singer artist name in the released beats / songs so here it is, a really good beat with hook made by a "mysterious" artist. You'll find it out if you make a quick research at the website stated above. Let me know what you think about this instrumental with hook in the comments!

NOTE: Version without hook is only available with track stems (premium / unlimited).

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Electronic Pop Trap With Hooks

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