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Electronic EDM Trap - Boneground Instrumental (Electronic, Experimental, Sampled, Trap Beat)

Get this brand new Electronic EDM Trap Type Beat for your up and coming projects. It has an Electronic EDM Trap mood mixed with regular Trap straight from Atlanta.

About this Electronic EDM Trap Type Beat

If we talking about EDM Trap then we talking about this Electronic EDM Trap Type Beat. It may fit also in the regular Trap Music Instrumentals used by rappers all around the world but with an EDM mood / flavor that I'm sure you'll love. It's not a regular Trap Music Beat, and you'll agree with me if you take a quick listen because it doesn't sound like a regular Trap Music Instrumental. It sounds like trap, but it doesn't sound like trap... How's that even possible? What kind of black magic is that!? Because... We're used to make magic happen! Ha!

Nah, for real, I'm really used to mix and merge Trap Music beats with different sound patterns and sounds from a bunch of genres like EDM, Bass, Electronic Music, Dubstep... Whatever. If it sounds good, it sounds good no matter how it happened. Anyway, If you mix Dubstep synths with sampled Trap Music you'll end up with an dope a*s instrumental like this Electronic EDM Trap Type Beat. You may think ''bro that's not Trap Music'' and from some points of views you may be right, but I don't like to sound like everyone is sounding nowadays. Everyone is tagging their beats as Type Beats, and everyone is looking for a beat that sounds like someone else... But I know that I sound like myself.

I'm used to create Type Beats (that's how everyone is looking for beats nowadays) but... What if you don't make music with someone in mind? What if you have your own style and sub-genre? How do you tag that instrumental or beat? Trust me, that's one of the worst struggles I had in my whole career. If you think that this Electronic EDM Trap Type Beat could fit in someone's genre or may be a ''Random Rapper Type Beat'' please let me know, because despite the beat is dope and has a really good sound quality I was really unable to relate it with any known rapper in the scene so... That's why it's an Electronic EDM Trap Beat... Ha! Grab the free download before it was exclusively sold!

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Electronic Experimental Sampled Trap

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