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Glitch Hop Dubstep Dubstep Electronic Experimental

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Monoxide was exclusively sold

This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase. Anyway, you may be interested in Busted , which is a pretty similar beat.

Glitch Hop Dubstep - Monoxide Instrumental (Dubstep, Electronic, Experimental, Glitch-Hop Beat)

Get this awesome Glitch Hop Dubstep Type Beat, an experimental electronic instrumental inspired by the music of the best Glitch Hop artists such as The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Prefuse 73 and many more. Perfect if you want to make a track with an experimental electronic instrumental.

About this Glitch Hop Dubstep Type Beat

So you want to make a weird a*s Hip Hop track with a Glitch Hop Instrumental, that's why you end up here. Or maybe you just enjoy listening to Glitch Hop / Dubstep Music. Whatever it is the reason why you've end up here I'm sure you'll not regret if you like electronic / experimental music. Monoxide is one of my weirdest creations, mixing Dubstep and Glitch Hop with an experimental structure where no any pattern repeats along the 3 minutes and a half that this Glitch Hop Dubstep Type Beat lasts. It was inspired by the The Glitch Mob and Bassnectar earliest Glitch Hop creations and althought this beat was created in 2012 it wasn't released till the date so it's a polised jewel since now I'm able to mix and master different sound genres as I would like to get them sounding.

But anyway if we have to talk about Glitch Hop music then we have to talk about the Glitch scene. As far as I know, decades ago someone inserted little bits of transparent scotch tape were set on the CDs an cassettes to block the sound reading of the midi Hi-Fi. That's how the experimental and ''weird'' sound of the Glitch Hop music emerged. Basically Glitch Hop beats are made using weird sounds, clips and a bunch of sounds that usually wouldn't be used to make music. In this Monoxide Glitch Hop Dubstep Type Beat I've used sounds from the dial tone coming from a cellphone, crickets, guitars, snares and kicks used as leads, stretched voices and also a bunch of synths coming from NI FM8, Sylenth and some more. The bass of that Experimental Beat is made using an insert coming from all those sounds properly merged to make sure that it will be always on a proper harmony.

Like it or not, I know that kind of music, instrumentals and beats are not made for everyone ears, but I'm sure that you'll be able to create one of the weirdest Hip Hop tracks with this Glitch Hop Instrumental... If you don't trust me just take a look to the bass spectrum of the YouTube video inserted below, isn't that amazing? Hah! Balls are in your court. Glitch Hop and Experimental beats were there for a lot of years, why u didn't paid attention yet? Also... Did you spot the pigman mob sound coming from the Nether? D:

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