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KOHH Aggresive Filthy Hardcore

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KOHH - Samurai Instrumental (Aggresive, Filthy, Hardcore, Trap Beat)

If you like the type of beats that Japanese rapper Chiba (KOHH) use in their tracks you'll love this Samurai beat. It's a japanese beat with dark vibes.

About this KOHH Type Beat

This past June 17 was the date chosen by KOHH to launch 'Dirt II', its new album. The Japanese Trap artist launched this long project because he wanted to get known on the rest of the world and reach a bigger audience. "Dirt II" was of a double CD, to which is added a supreme DVD in the limited version, the album features a bunch of Japanese Trap Beats that are dope. In the "first side" we will find the new songs of the rapper, collaborating with artists from all over the world (USA, France, Jamaica...).

The "second side" comes from a collaboration between KOHH and Murasaki Beatz, where they re-edit trap songs already published by the Japanese artist. Definitely a not to miss album if you like the Japanese sound in the Trap and Hip Hop music scene. Get this Samurai beat now and let us know what you think about it in the comments section!

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Aggresive Filthy Hardcore Trap

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