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Gangster Creepy Dark Gangsta

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Gangster - Witch-Hunt Instrumental (Creepy, Dark, Gangsta, Trap Beat)

Trap music and its beats and instrumentals is made by or for gangsters and those affected by this scene. The rise of Trap music and beats was the thing.

About this Gangster Type Beat

Trap music and its beats and instrumentals is made by or for gangsters and those affected by this phenomenon. It doesn't matter if you think that trapping honestly shows the life of the street, or instead you think that it offers a glamorous vision of this negative lifestyle. The fact is, if we focus on sales, it's one of the most important styles of hip-hop, TRAP.

The gangster trap movement didn't achieve global notoriety until two years later with the NWA's F**k The Police, that's where all it started, not the Trap itself, the gangsta movement. In 1992 Dr Dre, the creator of NWA, released The Chronic, his solo debut. The rap goose has been a dominant force until Kanye's Graduation album surpassed the 50 Cent Curtis album in 2007. Artists such as Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Nas, Raekwon, Jay-Z, Scarface, The Notorious B.I.G. and hundreds of thousands more have shown that you can't understand America and by extension the modern world if you don't understand the gangster mentality. The rest is history. Enjoy this amazing Trap Beat!

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Creepy Dark Gangsta Trap

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